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Barossa outdoors -

find your adventure!

Barossa Outdoors specialises in outdoor activities in the Barossa region from couples, to large corporate teams and school groups - we've got you covered.

We are locally owned and operated with great links, tailoring your nature based activity in the outdoors specifically to your group.

We currently offer kayaking and ebiking experiences through Barossa Kayak Hire and Barossa eBikes Hire & Tours.

Guided hiking tours, yoga and wellness forest retreats, horse treks and glamping can also be arranged through our Barossa partnership businesses.

What are you waiting for? Your adventure awaits.

arE you outdoors tourism supplier?

Barossa Outdoors is always on the lookout for unique outdoors tourism offerings in the Barossa region or nearby that match our brand.

If your business is keen to partner with Barossa Outdoors get in touch to learn more about what Barossa Outdoors is all about and how we can develop your business.

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